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Our maintenance program ends up paying for itself

$95 per unit per year, or twice a year of a big discount!

Running your HVAC unit without performing a tune-up is like running your car without a tune-up. It will end up costing you more in the long run.

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Whether you’re facing a bitterly cold night or a stifling warm afternoon, you want to be able to rely on your HVAC system to do its job and keep you comfortable in your Fair Lawn, NJ home or commercial property. The good news is that you can turn to our expertly trained air conditioning and heating contractors here at Advanced Mechanical Services to ensure your systems function well for the years to come. Give us a call today at (201)-886-2900!

Our NATE-certified techs offer the best in HVAC system installation and replacements, in addition to comprehensive AC repairs, heater repairs and maintenance of all kinds. Be sure as well to enroll in our maintenance plan so that your system can be fully inspected, cleaned, and prepped for its season of use. This will help it run as effectively as possible for as long as possible.

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Should You Invest in Fair Lawn Air Conditioning Service Professional?

Whether you are seeking a new air conditioning system for your home or looking to replace an aging, inefficient unit, you need air conditioning contractors that you can rely on. When it comes to accurately sizing your AC unit, no matter what type of air conditioner it is, expert installation is absolutely vital. A professional will walk through every step with you and ensure that you and your home are matched up with the cooling system that best meets your specific needs. Give us a call today for expert air conditioning services.

Quality AC Repairs

Air conditioning repairs are not something an average homeowner can handle. In fact, trusting these services to an amateur or a DIY-enthusiast can actually do more harm than good to your system. To ensure that your air conditioning unit performs as efficiently as it should for the years to come, be sure to hire a company you can rely on to get the job done right.

Comprehensive Heating Installation and Repair

Is it time for you to choose a new heating system for your home? Remember, you’ve got lots of options when it comes to how to heat your home. If you have ductwork already installed, then perhaps a central furnace will be the right choice for you. However if a ductless system would be a better option, we have those too. Either way, our team is not finished once your heater is installed. We provide regular preventive maintenance in addition to quality heating system repairs for all types of systems. Count on Advanced Mechanical Services for your Fair Lawn heating services.

Do You Need a New Furnace for Your Fair Lawn, NJ Home?

Do you have an old furnace that’s been showing troubling symptoms? When it comes time to replace it, we are the company to call. We have many options for you to choose from when it comes to selecting a furnace for your home. Not only are there decisions to be made about what brand to get, but also whether electric or gas is better. Give us a call today to learn more about our Fair Lawn, NJ furnace services.

The Importance of Professional Boiler Services

If you wouldn’t trust an unskilled person to manage your health, then you shouldn’t trust one to manage your boiler services. Boilers are highly efficient and effective heating systems, however they must be properly maintained and repaired by expert HVAC technicians to remain so-such as the professionals on our team. Give us a call today to learn more about our boiler services and other heating systems and services we provide.

Superior Duct Repair and Replacement Services in Fair Lawn, NJ

The duct repair and replacement professionals on our staff are all NATE-certified and committed to 100% customer satisfaction. No matter what your ductwork issue is, we can help improve your heating and cooling system with our exceptional services. Be sure to hire a company that you can trust and rely on. With over two decades of experience successfully servicing customers throughout the tri-state area, we are that company. We stand behind our customers in all that we do, so give us a call today!

Commercial HVAC Systems and Services from the Professionals

Do you have a high quality and high efficiency commercial heating and cooling system installed in your business? It’s great if so, but that’s only the beginning. To create a truly comfortable working environment, you want to ensure that any repair or maintenance needs you have are handled by professionals who have the experience and training to get the job done right. Let us show you how committed we are to our customers: give our team a call today to schedule your commercial HVAC services!

We'll service any brand, but we prefer selling American-made products.