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UV Germicidal Lights in Paramus, NJ

The last thing that you want to think about are the ways in which your home could not only leave you feeling uncomfortable, but could actually make you sick. The unfortunate reality of the situation is that this is entirely possible, though. The much happier reality is the fact that there are systems and services out there designed specifically to make your home a more healthful place to live.

If you have an air filtration system setup, or even a high-efficiency air purifier, you may think that you’ve got your indoor air quality covered. This is just not the case. Biological pollutants cannot simply be removed from the air in your home. They must be destroyed. That is why you may need UV germicidal lights in Paramus, NJ. If you do, contact Advanced Mechanical Services to have them expertly installed and serviced.

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Running your HVAC unit without performing a tune-up is like running your car without a tune-up. It will end up costing you more in the long run.

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When Air Filtration Isn’t Enough

It would be great to know for certain that your indoor air quality is simply of the caliber that you deserve, and that no action need be taken to improve it. All too often, though, this is not the case. In fact, low indoor air quality may be more of an issue in your home than it even is outdoors! Worse, there is no single solution for all problems that your air quality may go up against.

Don’t let this get you down, though. Our IAQ technicians are here to find the right solutions for the problems that you face. If biological pollutants like mold, viruses, and bacteria are the issue, then UV germicidal lights in Paramus, NJ may be in order. Rather than simply remove pollutants from the air, these devices target and destroy these biological pollutants.          

How They Work

Don’t worry—UV air purifiers pose no threat to you, your children, or your pets. UV, or ultraviolet, rays are confined to your ductwork, emitted by bulbs typically installed near the air handler so as to treat all of the air passing through your system. While UV rays may give you a sunburn when you’re relaxing at the beach, they are harmless to people and pets when used in this manner. Not so for biological pollutants, though.

The UV radiation disrupts these pollutants at the level of their biological processes, killing them off and rendering them incapable of reproduction. While they are typically too small to just be filtered out of the air, the fact that they can reproduce is another reason for not handling them in this manner. Destroying them destroys the threat entirely.

Let Us Install and Service Your UV Germicidal Lights

UV germicidal lamps are quite simple. They are just a very specific type of bulb, really. That does not mean that you can install or service them on your own, though. Doing so requires the skill and expertise that only trained professionals possess.

We’ll make sure that your UV germicidal lights are the right fit for your home and system, and we’ll integrate them into your system with care. We’ll check in on them during routine maintenance, replacing bulbs as needed, and can also handle any repairs that the system may need.

Contact Advanced Mechanical Services to have your UV germicidal lights serviced by some of the best technicians in the business.

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AMS was fantastic…good prices, friendly crew from the field techs to the office. Really helped us out & provided high quality workmanship.

- Sam S.

Thanks to AMS for the quick and professional service. Got our HVAC replaces just in time for the hot weather.

- Green Seed, Denville, NJ

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