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Steam Humidifiers in Paramus, NJ

Did you know that surrounding yourself with very dry air in your home can have a number of negative consequences? Or that these consequences can affect not just your property, but your health, as well? Did you know that the IAQ professionals on our team are here to help resolve any such problems that you may have in your home? When you work with us, you’ll get the systems and service you need.

If you’re looking to properly humidify the air in your home, then a steam humidifier in Paramus, NJ may be just what you need. And no, we’re not talking about those little humidifiers that are basically electric kettles—sometimes even in the shape of cute animals! These have their uses, such as humidifying a single room like a nursery. For whole-house humidification, though, you’ll need a whole-house steam humidifier! Call Advanced Mechanical Services to get one.

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Our maintenance program ends up paying for itself

$95 per unit per year, or twice a year of a big discount!

Running your HVAC unit without performing a tune-up is like running your car without a tune-up. It will end up costing you more in the long run.

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Why Opt for a Steam Humidifier?

Ugh, how many choices am I going to have to make? I finally just decided that a humidifier is necessary—now I have to choose what kind? Okay, that’s probably a bit more dramatic than the actual inner monologues of our customers. However, it does surprise some homeowners to learn that there are different types of whole–house humidifiers to choose from.

The steam humidifier is preferred by many because they don’t moisturize the air by simply passing it through a saturated pad, the way that a fan–powered humidifier does. Instead, these systems boil water to produce steam that is then distributed throughout the ductwork. They can work independently of your HVAC systems, and offer the fastest humidification of the lot.

When Should I Consider a Steam Humidifier?

If you have issues with dry, itchy skin, or even skin that is splitting painfully due to dryness, then you should definitely consider the use of a steam humidifier in your home. Are your floorboards cracking? Paint chipping? Wallpaper splitting? Have you noticed an increase in painful static shocks? Does it seem like your heater is struggling to effectively warm your home?

All of these symptoms suggest that there is an issue with low humidity levels in your home. By introducing the natural humidity created by a steam humidifier in Paramus, NJ into your home, you can overcome these problems. You’ll live more comfortably, in a more healthful environment, while also protecting your property!

We Install and Service Steam Humidifiers in Paramus, NJ

While you could choose to run out, buy a small, portable humidifier, and stick it on the dresser in your bedroom, there is just no way that this device will compare favorably to the efficiency and effectiveness of a whole–house steam humidifier. That being said, keep in mind the fact that a whole–house system does require professional service.

You cannot install or repair your whole–house steam humidifier on your own. That is what our IAQ technicians are here for. Let us know if you think that your home needs some added humidity, and remember that we can keep it up and running properly with our maintenance services, too.

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Advanced Mechanical employees and services were outstanding. They were quick to come out with an estimate and finished all work on time as promised.

- Kim I.

AMS was fantastic…good prices, friendly crew from the field techs to the office. Really helped us out & provided high quality workmanship.

- Sam S.

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