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Pool Heater Services in Paramus, NJ

When you experience the summers we do here in Paramus, NJ, it's no secret how nice it is to take a refreshing swim in your backyard pool. Of course, it doesn't have to be blazing hot to enjoy this luxury; you should have this convenience all year long.

However, the water temperature is not always going to be cooperative with the urge for a quick swim strikes, particularly in the spring and fall. For this reason, you should consider a pool heater installation from the team at Advanced Mechanical Services.

A pool heater has the capability of allowing you to get the most enjoyment out of your swimming pool that you can all year long. This way you won't have to climb out as early at night just because the temperature has dropped a few degrees, nor will you have to choose between sacrificing comfort and sacrificing recreation. Just remember that you want a knowledgeable and skilled professional to conduct all your pool heater services.

Our maintenance program ends up paying for itself

$95 per unit per year, or twice a year of a big discount!

Running your HVAC unit without performing a tune-up is like running your car without a tune-up. It will end up costing you more in the long run.

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Expert Pool Heater Installation and Services

A pool heater installation is never something that should be handled by an amateur or by a DIY–enthusiast, and for good reason. First of all, safety is imperative. Pool heaters require dealing with electricity and wiring near the vicinity of water, and therefore due diligence is essential to the safety of the installer as well as that of those using the equipment after installation. When we install and service your pool heater, you can rely on it functioning as safely as possible, and effectively as possible.

It’s also important that your pool heater be the correct size for your swimming pool. This requires an accurate size analysis, so that the pool’s heating needs and your own temperature expectations can both be met. You wouldn’t want to invest in a pool heater capable of producing far more heat than your ever need as this would be inefficient and a waste of energy. However you don’t want too conservative of a pool heater either, otherwise the pool will never be warm enough for you.

In addition to ensuring that your pool heater installation is of the highest quality possible, it’s important that your pool heather be maintained on a regular basis. Pool heaters are subject to certain wear and tear over the years, such as scaling. These problems can lead to operational issues over time, however they can be alleviated or even prevented with regular service. If you find that your pool heater is malfunctioning, make sure you give us a call so we can repair it as soon as possible.

What Type of Pool Heater is Right for You?

Similar to your residential heating system, your pool heater can use a different fuel source depending on what you have available and what you prefer. Gas pool heaters tend to be the most commonly used today, and can either burn gas or propane in order to function. Natural gas is typically the preference, but propane can be a good consideration if you don’t have access to a main gas line. Gas pool heaters are typically very efficient, and ideal for quick heating.

Another option is a heat pump pool heater. These systems don’t actually generate heat, but rather use heat that already exists in the air in order to heat the pool water. This heat is absorbed by refrigerant, and the warm gas is then compressed in the compressor. The heat form the gas then is transferred to the cooler water of the pool. While this isn’t as quick as the gas or propane methods, it can be a very efficient way to heat your pool. Contact our professionals for more information!

We'll service any brand, but we prefer selling American-made products.

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Advanced Mechanical employees and services were outstanding. They were quick to come out with an estimate and finished all work on time as promised.

- Kim I.

Highly recommended. Great customer service. Jack and his team have been great!!!

- Lourdes T.

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