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Furnace Systems and Service in Paramus, NJ

When you enter a heated home in Paramus, NJ, it's very likely that the heating system present is a furnace. Even with the advent of many other types of heating systems, the furnace is still the most common heater in the U.S. The primary reason for this is simple: they work effectively and efficiently!

Whether you invest in a gas furnace or an electric furnace, chances are you'll be able to rely on it. Plus, the cost of installation versus other alternative whole-home heating systems is relatively low. You will however want to ensure that your furnace is installed and serviced by professionals in order to trust that it will function correctly for the years to come.

Ensure that your furnace is well taken care of by contacting the experienced team at Advanced Mechanical Services. Our customers are our number one priority and we live by our motto of "100% customer satisfaction." Whether you need a furnace installation, replacement, repair, or to schedule a maintenance appointment, our number is the one to dial!

Our maintenance program ends up paying for itself

$95 per unit per year, or twice a year of a big discount!

Running your HVAC unit without performing a tune-up is like running your car without a tune-up. It will end up costing you more in the long run.

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Choosing and Sizing the Right Furnace for Your Home

True heating professionals understand that installing a furnace correctly requires time and consideration. You won’t want to simply go for the best deal. At least, not without considering the brand of the system, the efficiency rating, and its size.

Our team of professionals will carefully work to determine the necessary size of your new heating system. If your furnace is too large or too small, you can run into problems over time. Our experts will discuss this with you, as well as your budgetary needs. We will help you find an efficient system that saves you money and energy over time.

Looking for Furnace Repair Services?

It’s important to be aware of any signs that your furnace may be experiencing problems, in order to schedule services as soon as you can. A problem that could have been fixed by calling our Paramus furnace repair experts could spiral into a breakdown that will require full system replacement – which can be pricey. If you have a component that’s defective, then your system won’t be able to run properly, and other parts can become worn out in an attempt to overcompensate.

Call on one of our experts if you start to notice a spike in your energy bills, excessive noise, low temperatures, or even a strange smell coming from your furnace. For safety purposes—particularly if you have a gas furnace—be sure to shut the system off while you wait for your furnace repair technician.

Should You Choose Gas or Electric?

Whatever type of furnace service you need, our team is the one to call. We also offer comprehensive maintenance services, which offers you significant discounts on repairs, priority service, and other benefits when you enroll in our plan. Our services are thorough no matter if you have a gas or an electric furnace. But how do you decide between the two?

  • Electric Furnace: This is a great choice for people who do not have access to a natural gas line. Electric furnaces are relatively low maintenance and are not very expensive to run on a month–to–month basis if you choose a system with a high efficiency rating.
  • Gas Furnace: Gas furnaces offer power, efficiency, and convenience, which make them one of the most popular heating systems on the market today. Gas is a more affordable resource than electricity, making them a good option for homeowners who do have a gas line.

We'll service any brand, but we prefer selling American-made products.

We're commited to the highest customer satisfaction in the industry

Thanks to AMS for the quick and professional service. Got our HVAC replaces just in time for the hot weather.

- Green Seed, Denville, NJ

Advanced Mechanical employees and services were outstanding. They were quick to come out with an estimate and finished all work on time as promised.

- Kim I.

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