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When it comes to heating or cooling your Paramus, NJ business or commercial property, you want to be able to rely on your service company to be skilled and experienced. The staff at Advanced Mechanical Services is not only both of these things, but we are also dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and strive to give you the best in service and equipment.

From offering temperature control for computer rooms to providing energy management systems, we do it all. We help customers with all sorts of commercial needs, whether you own an industrial building, retail business, office building, medical building, or some other type of commercial property. In addition to traditional HVAC systems and services, Advanced Mechanical Services also installs and services Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems.

Most ideal for office buildings that contain multiple rooms, the VAV system is a type of HVAC system that supply a varied airflow at a constant temperature, versus a traditional HVAC system which is a constant air volume (CAV) system, providing a constant airflow at a variable temperature.

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How Does a VAV System Work?

VAV systems involve the use of a large air handler and central ductwork that can accommodate very large areas, which need to be regulated by a single cooling or heating system. This type of air volume zoning makes these systems ideal for commercial buildings with multiple offices, conference rooms, computer rooms, breakrooms, etc.

This system is controlled by either digital or pneumatic controls. Digital systems are computer–controlled and use digital signals, while pneumatic systems use signals of varying air pressure. A pneumatic VAV system is a group of components of which are connected together with a series of small tubes, and are powered from a source of compressed air.

Electronic controls have become increasingly popular and accessible to the commercial HVAC industry. As such, another option for VAV system installation is systems with electric actuator motors, electric controls, and thermostats. The evolution of VAV systems has resulted in better sensors, better fan speed control, and better design of the VAV systems overall.

What Are the Benefits of Air Volume Zoning?

When a Variable Air Volume system is properly designed, installed, and serviced, it can be one of the most energy efficient and comfortable HVAC systems there is for all occupants of your Paramus, NJ commercial space. The essential feature of a VAV system is its versatility and adaptability to changing load conditions. Since these systems are capable of moving large volumes of air, common indoor air quality problems can be effectively eliminated.

Air volume zoning such as this allows your single HVAC system to supply simultaneous heating and cooling without a seasonal changeover. Additionally, during off–peak load periods, noise and drafts are less of a problem as they are in traditional CAV systems. Plus, with today’s electronic variable–speed drive, the energy in which the system’s fans consume is reduced.

This type of system is even more efficient when paired with building automation. When most people think about building automation, they think about lights and blinds automatically adjusting to the conditions of a room. Thanks to the advancement in "smart" technology however, building automation can also be used to control heating, ventilation, and air conditioning applications. To learn more about the benefits of this system or to schedule commercial HVAC installation or services, contact us today.

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Excellent! I would definitely use their services again!

- Heather F., Mahwah, NJ

Thanks to AMS for the quick and professional service. Got our HVAC replaces just in time for the hot weather.

- Green Seed, Denville, NJ

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