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Air Duct Cleaning Services in Paramus, NJ

Look, we’d all probably like to keep our homes a bit tidier. Between the workday, running errands, getting dinner on the table, and spending time with the kiddos, well—it can be tough. Even if you are a stickler for cleaning home, there are bound to be a few spots that you’ll miss. Some, you are unable to clean at all. The interior surfaces of your air ducts, for instance!

Now, we aren’t trying to call you out on this. In fact, we discourage homeowners from trying to clean their own air ducts. It’s a job for a professional, and it really can benefit you in a number of ways. Energy efficiency is one of them, but improving indoor air quality is the major one. If you’re ready to schedule duct cleaning in Paramus, NJ, you’re ready to call Advanced Mechanical Services.

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Our maintenance program ends up paying for itself

$95 per unit per year, or twice a year of a big discount!

Running your HVAC unit without performing a tune-up is like running your car without a tune-up. It will end up costing you more in the long run.

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How Can I Tell if My Air Ducts Are Dirty?

Okay, so you can’t really peer deep into your ductwork  to determine if they need cleaning. However, there are some general warning signs that can alert you to the need for professional duct cleaning in Paramus, NJ. Let us know if you notice the following symptoms (and keep in mind that there are often multiple causes for any such symptoms, so a professional diagnosis is a must!).

  1. Very dirty vent covers could mean that there are pollutants being blown out from the ducts.
  2. An increase in heating and/or cooling costs could be the result of dirty ducts.
  3. Aggravated allergy/asthma symptoms may be caused by airborne pollutants from ducts.

Why Schedule Professional Duct Cleaning?

You cannot just pull the cover off a duct vent, stick the vacuum’s hose attachment therein, and hope for the best. Nor can you really access your air ducts in any other way to complete a deeper clean. Ducts run between floors of homes, behind walls, etc. They are kept out of the way by design, and that makes them tough to access—for amateurs, anyway.

For properly trained and equipped IAQ technicians, however, the job is fairly straightforward. We’ll put down cloths to prevent dirtying your home as best as possible, we’ll use rotor brushes and a powerful vacuum to complete the job thoroughly, and we’ll clean up after ourselves when the job is done. Reap the benefits of truly clean ductwork by scheduling your air duct cleaning in Paramus, NJ with us!

How Frequently Do I Need Air Duct Cleaning?

This is not really a question that anyone can answer without evaluating your air ducts themselves. Typically, we’d recommend air duct cleaning anywhere in the range of every 3–5 years. A lot of factors, like the airtightness of your ducts, the frequency with which you run your system, pets in the home, air filtration systems in use, and overall cleanliness of the house can influence this need, of course.

Our best tip is to keep the warning signs discussed above in mind, and let us know if anything raises red flags for you. And if you have not ever had your ducts cleaned, then yes, now is probably the time. Count on our technicians to clean your air ducts in a thorough and effective manner.

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- Heather F., Mahwah, NJ

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