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What’s the Big Deal About Radiant Heaters?

Monday, February 19th, 2018

in-floor-radiant-heatingYou may have heard about new homes built with in-floor radiant heating systems rather than going with either a standard forced-air furnace system or a boiler that sends heat into the rooms through conventional methods like radiators and baseboard heaters. In-floor radiant heating is an option for home comfort that continues to grow in popularity, and we often field questions about it from our customers. Most of these questions boil down to, “Are these things really that great?”

Any answer to that has to start with this caution: there is no heating system that’s right for every single home and every situation. This is why you have HVAC professionals to assist in choosing a heater. When you want a new heating installation in Edgewater, NJ, have a professional work with you from the start to select the right type of heater and deliver a great installation.

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Reasons to Choose Radiant Heating for Your Home

Monday, October 17th, 2016

What is radiant heating? Scientifically, it refers to the movement of heat from one object to another without heating the air between. For example, pavement that bakes in the sun sends out radiant heat that you can feel when it reaches your body. It’s also the heat you feel coming off of a bright light bulb.

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