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What’s the Big Deal About Radiant Heaters?

Monday, February 19th, 2018

in-floor-radiant-heatingYou may have heard about new homes built with in-floor radiant heating systems rather than going with either a standard forced-air furnace system or a boiler that sends heat into the rooms through conventional methods like radiators and baseboard heaters. In-floor radiant heating is an option for home comfort that continues to grow in popularity, and we often field questions about it from our customers. Most of these questions boil down to, “Are these things really that great?”

Any answer to that has to start with this caution: there is no heating system that’s right for every single home and every situation. This is why you have HVAC professionals to assist in choosing a heater. When you want a new heating installation in Edgewater, NJ, have a professional work with you from the start to select the right type of heater and deliver a great installation.

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Fall Heating Maintenance: How It Pays You Back

Monday, October 30th, 2017

furnace-repair-technicianWhat type of heater do you use to keep your family cozy and safe through our winters in New Jersey? Gas furnaces are the most common, but homes in the area may also rely on electric furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, ductless systems, and in-floor radiant heaters.

No matter what heating system you have installed, take the time during the fall before the cold weather arrives to have it professionally inspected and tuned-up. This annual maintenance is vital for ensuring peak performance from your heater through the winter, with less chance of a break down. With gas-powered furnaces and boilers, maintenance helps keep a heater working safely.

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Some Considerations with Zone Control Systems

Monday, August 21st, 2017

hot-cold-house-iconsYou may have heard about advances in climate control for homes that allow for the division of the house into a series of “zones,” with each zone having its own thermostat and climate adjustments. The standard form for central heating and air conditioning is an “all-or-nothing” system where heated or cooled air travels through the ducts of an HVAC system to every room vent, regardless of whether the room is occupied or needs conditioned air. Using a zone control systems, this no longer needs to be the case. Instead, each room only receives the level of climate control that matches its needs.

Installing zone control systems for homes is becoming increasingly popular. However, there are some considerations to think about if you’re debating on zone control as a way to lower your comfort costs or create more even distribution of heating and cooling around your household.

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5 Ways Your AC Might Malfunction This Summer

Monday, June 12th, 2017

tools-on-ac-unitThe modern air conditioning system is built for durability and a lifespan of 10–15 years. But there’s no way any mechanical system, especially one as complex as an air conditioner, can be designed to run perfectly and never encounter into trouble.

You can take steps to prevent air conditioning malfunctions during the summer. The most important is to schedule air conditioning maintenance during the spring. (If you haven’t arranged for your spring air conditioning maintenance yet, sign up for our maintenance plan and we’ll get you started.) But you should always be ready to call our technicians for air conditioning repairs in Edgewater, NJ if your AC starts to lose power or show other signs it’s wearing down.

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Believe the Groundhog or Not, Make Sure Your Heater Is Ready for More Cold!

Monday, February 6th, 2017

girl-welcomes-winter-and-springIt’s that time of year, the first week in February, when here on the East Coast we observe the unusual tradition of asking what a large ground mammal thinks about the near future weather conditions. There are a number of Groundhog Day prophets, most famously Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck. We live much closer to Chuck, so we’re quite happy to hear that he predicted an early spring! (Phil disagrees on this one. Go, Chuck!)

Seriously, however, no matter what groundhogs may say, you have to make sure your home heating system is prepared for any sort of heavy chill during the next six weeks before a spring thaw arrives. Here are some steps to take for extra winter preparation precaution.

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Strange Things Your Heat Pump May Do in Winter

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Did you have a heat pump installed this spring, or during the summer? Or have you recently moved into a home that uses a heat pump for comfort, and you’re not used to the way it works? If a heat pump is new to you, there are some ways it functions during the winter that will come as a surprise. You might even think the heat pump is malfunctioning and needs to be repaired.

Fortunately, two of these behaviors are normal parts of the heat pump’s regular cycle, and you don’t need to worry about them or call for repairs:

  • The outdoor unit is sending out smoke: Actually, it’s not smoke, although it is easy to make this mistake. It’s actually water vapor. What’s happening is the heat pump is in its defrost cycle. A heat pump works much like an air conditioner, except it can reverse the direction that it moves heat so that it also draws heat from the outside to move inside. There is a risk that moisture condensation along the outdoor coil will freeze. To prevent this, the heat pump periodically goes into a defrost cycle where it briefly heats up the coil, causing the ice to melt off and create the vapor you’re seeing.
  • The outdoor unit is running regularly: This is a common mistake because people are used to split air conditioners. You don’t expect the outdoor unit of the air conditioner to run in the winter, although you expect the indoor blower fan to work. But a heat pump uses the outdoor unit the draw in thermal energy, so it has to run whenever the heating cycle starts up.

But there are actual malfunctions that can occur to a heat pump over the winter. It might start sending out only cool air. It might refuse to turn on at all. Or it may experience a drop in airflow. In most cases, you won’t be able to fix the problem on your own. Don’t try to fiddle around with your heat pump: call on our repair technicians!

Advanced Mechanical Services provides heat pump repair services to Edgewater, NJ.

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The Amazing Ways That Heating Maintenance Helps You

Monday, November 7th, 2016

November… the time is running out for you to schedule a visit from one of our skilled HVAC technicians to inspect and tune-up your home’s heating system. This is an essential winter prep, which means it must be done before winter. If you feel a bit on the fence about paying for this service, we want to put you at ease. Not only is this an affordable regular service when you sign up for our maintenance plan, but the amazing ways that heating maintenance pays you back make it well worth it!

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Standard Water Heaters vs. New Compact Models

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

When you think of a water heater, what image first comes to your mind? Probably a large cylindrical metal tank filled with a supply of water kept at a high temperature. This is a storage water heater, or “tank” water heater, and it’s still the most common type of water heater found in homes today. But it has competition from more compact models, which are better known as tankless water heaters. If you are looking for a new water heater installation, we recommend you take a look at a tankless model as a possibility.

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