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My Air Conditioning System Isn’t Cooling Enough

Monday, May 28th, 2018

flushed-man-feels-hot-in-front-of-manWhen the temperature heats up in the summer, you want to know you can trust your air conditioner to do the job it was built for. If you set the thermostat to a comfortable level (we recommend keeping it around 78°F during the day), you should expect the air conditioner to keep up with the heat and maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the house.

But what if your AC has trouble this summer? It could happen, and there are a number of reasons—most of which you can have solved with Livingston, NJ air conditioning repair from our professionals.

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4 Reasons Your Air Conditioning Costs Are Rising

Monday, July 24th, 2017

air-conditioner-money-saverWhen an air conditioning system comes on for the summer in New Jersey, you expect to see a rise in electrical bills. There’s no avoiding this cost increase if you want to cool down your home to comfortable levels. But if your electric bills seem as if they’re climbing higher than ever even though you don’t think there’s a comparable increase in how much you’re using the AC, you may have a larger problem. It could be with the air conditioner, the ventilation system, the thermostat, or elsewhere.

The trouble might be an easy one to remedy. In other cases, however, you’ll have to call on HVAC professionals for assistance. For service for your air conditioning in Palisades Park, NJ or elsewhere in the Tri-State Area, make sure you only turn to professionals.

Below are four common causes of a rise in cooling costs:

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Air Conditioning Tonnage: What It Means and Why It’s Important

Monday, July 10th, 2017

condenser-units-behind-fenceThis may be the summer you realize your home’s current air conditioning system is no longer up to the job of keeping your family comfortable through hot weather. Sometimes you can make this estimate before the summer begins and arrange for an early air conditioning replacement in Cliffside Park, NJ or elsewhere in the Tri-State Area. This isn’t always possible, so when you find yourself during summer in need of a new AC, you’ll want a new system—the right system—put in as fast as possible.

It takes a skilled HVAC professional to install a new AC, especially under pressing conditions. It’s vital that the right type of air conditioning is put in, and a huge part of finding the right AC is knowing the correct tonnage.

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Options for a New Air Conditioning System Installation

Monday, May 15th, 2017

air-conditioner-on-leavesOne of the big tasks to take care of during the spring—something you want done before the major heat of summer arrives—is to have your air conditioning system professionally inspected and adjusted. You can arrange for this by signing up for our maintenance plan.

If you have an older AC (more than 10 years old), your maintenance technician may recommend you replace the air conditioner rather than continue to repair it and waste money on inefficient operation. If you choose to have a new air conditioning system installation in Palisades Park, NJ or elsewhere in the Tri-State Area this season, let us help you navigate the different options available to you. Below are the main ones.

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