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What’s the Big Deal About Radiant Heaters?

in-floor-radiant-heatingYou may have heard about new homes built with in-floor radiant heating systems rather than going with either a standard forced-air furnace system or a boiler that sends heat into the rooms through conventional methods like radiators and baseboard heaters. In-floor radiant heating is an option for home comfort that continues to grow in popularity, and we often field questions about it from our customers. Most of these questions boil down to, “Are these things really that great?”

Any answer to that has to start with this caution: there is no heating system that’s right for every single home and every situation. This is why you have HVAC professionals to assist in choosing a heater. When you want a new heating installation in Edgewater, NJ, have a professional work with you from the start to select the right type of heater and deliver a great installation.

Radiant Heating Systems Offer Many Advantages

Returning to the question about what makes in-floor radiant heating so great, there are a number of benefits that this kind of system provides. The workings are similar to a standard boiler system, except the boiler tank circulates the water through pipes placed down in a subfloor beneath the floor in the living spaces. The material of the floor heats up from the water in the pipes, radiating heat into the room. Here’s how this system can benefit you:

  • Energy efficiency: Water is a more effective heat transference medium than air. It retains heat for longer and doesn’t lose it as fast to the outside. This makes in-floor heating (as well as any type of hydronic system) more energy efficient and less costly to run.
  • Fast and even heat distribution: A furnace blows out heated air from it vents, which then gathers at the top of the room. It takes a long time for the heat to spread through the room, and it can leave cold spots. But when you have an in-floor system, the heat radiates from below your feet to warm you rapidly and travel evenly through the space.
  • Better comfort: In-floor radiant heating simply feels nicer than using a forced air furnace. It has the sensation of being outside on a sunny summer day. There are few nicer feelings on a cold winter morning than to place your feet onto a warm floor.
  • Long service life: There are only a small number of moving parts in a radiant heating system, and that means a longer lifespan for the heater.

Call Us for In-Floor Radiant Heating Assistance

Installing a new radiant heating system is a major task, which is why it’s often done as part of new home construction (although retro-fits are always possible). When you think you may want in-floor radiant heating in your home, make an appointment with our heating experts. They can help you decide if this type of heating is right for your home or new home project, then work closely with you for the ideal installation.

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