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Reasons to Choose Radiant Heating for Your Home

What is radiant heating? Scientifically, it refers to the movement of heat from one object to another without heating the air between. For example, pavement that bakes in the sun sends out radiant heat that you can feel when it reaches your body. It’s also the heat you feel coming off of a bright light bulb.

When it comes to home heating, radiant heaters are systems that raise the temperature of objects inside rooms in order to provide heat, rather than the more conventional use of blowing around heated air from vents, which is how furnaces and heat pumps operate. The most common type of radiant heating system is the boiler that sends hot water to radiators or baseboard heaters. Another option is in-floor heating, where the object heated is the floor.

Why should you give serious consideration to using radiant heating for your home? Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Superb comfort: Radiant heating creates a cozy, enveloping warmth that most people find much more comforting than using a forced-air system like a furnace. This is especially true of in-floor heaters: there’s almost nothing better on a nippy and cold morning than to feel a toasty warm floor under your feet.
  • Energy savings: You can expect to enjoy lower energy costs with a radiant heater. This is because air is a much less efficient heat transfer medium than water. Radiant heating also spreads warmth through a room faster and more evenly, meaning the system won’t need to run as often to provide comfort.
  • Improved air quality: If allergens are an issue for your household, a radiant heater can be a tremendous help because it doesn’t blow air around from dusty ductwork.

Radiant heating isn’t the top choice for all homes. Make sure that you call our professionals and consult with them about the ideal option to provide comfort for your house.

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