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Preventing Heating Disasters With Regular Maintenance

serve-ice“Wait, I should start worrying about my heater now? It’s still warm outside!”

Yes, that’s one of the reasons that “now” is a great time to take care of your home’s heating system to prepare it for the colder weather (not as far away as you might like). You don’t need to cut into your cold weather comfort while a technician maintains the heater—because you don’t have cold weather!

Regular Heating Maintenance Is Essential for the Coming Winter

We make a point of reminding all our customers and customers-to-be each fall to schedule professional tune-ups and inspections for their heating systems. This routine maintenance is a vital part of protecting a heating system—a furnace, a boiler, a heat pump, etc.—from turning inefficient and causing household utility bills to skyrocket. It keeps heating systems running safely and extends their service lives.

But perhaps the most immediate benefit of staying current with annual heater maintenance is to prevent heating disasters in the winter. Our technicians are always ready, 24/7, to handle furnace repair in Wayne, NJ or any other heating fixes you need—but we want you to avoid having to make emergency repair calls if at all possible!

How Regular Maintenance Stops Heating System Emergencies

When technicians come to a home for fall maintenance, they take care of a number of jobs that improve the heater’s chances of making it through winter without major (or minor) malfunctions:

  • The technicians look over all the key components of the heater to locate places where trouble may already be starting. The technicians can often take care of smaller problem on the spot. But if they locate a larger one, they can inform you and arrange for targeted repairs. You’ll have a potential malfunction or breakdown averted before the first cold weather arrives.
  • The heater receives a thorough tune-up to alleviate general wear and tear. No matter the type of heater you have, it suffers from strain each year that will cause parts to wear down toward failure—unless they’re tuned-up. A technician will lubricate motors, tighten electrical connections, check on refrigerant pressure, and many other tune-up steps to make the heater’s job much easier.
  • The technicians will clean the unit. This doesn’t mean blasting a hose at it! Cleaning a furnace, boiler, or heat pump involves special steps to help the heating system operate with minimal strain on its components.
  • Regular maintenance keeps the warranty on the system current. This prevents one of the biggest disasters of all: having a heater break down when it isn’t under warranty protection!

The Heating (And Cooling) Maintenance You Need Each Year

We offer an excellent HVAC maintenance program. Along with annual inspections and tune-ups for both your heater and air conditioner, our program also offers discounts, 24/7 emergency repairs, priority scheduling, and no overtime charges. Speak to one of our team members today so you can get on the heating maintenance schedule before the change in the weather.

Advanced Mechanical Services offers heating maintenance and repairs throughout the Tri-State Area. Sign up for maintenance with us today.

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