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Watch Out for Mid-Winter Furnace Problems

furnace-repair-technicianIt’s now mid-winter, and the days are still only gradually getting longer—while the weather continues to grow colder. There’s still a good stretch of frigid weather to go before the spring thaw. The furnace keeping your home warm during this time has already undergone plenty of stress, and with so much work left to go, you want to make sure the furnace keeps working away.

It’s vital not to wait when you need to contact professionals in Paramus, NJ for furnace repair services. We’re going to look at some of the common furnace issues that strike this time of year to help you be aware of when to call us for a cure to your furnace troubles!

Failed electronic ignition system

The standing pilot light is being phased out of gas furnaces. Your furnace likely runs from a hot surface electronic ignition system, which heats up the way the filaments in a light bulb do; this heat ignites the burners. Going electronic for ignition helps make a furnace safer and more energy efficient. But the igniter can crack or suffer from electrical trouble, leading to the burners not turning on. (Safety mechanisms will ensure no combustion gas leaves the burners when there’s nothing to ignite the gas.) A professional technician must replace the broken igniter with a new one.


Does it seem as if your furnace is turning on and off more during an hour than it used to? This is called short-cycling, and it’s bad news for the furnace. The extra strain placed on the components can lead to more repair problems and an eventual early system breakdown. Short-cycling also wastes money. If this happens in mid-winter, the problem might be a clogged air filter, a malfunctioning thermostat, or leaks somewhere in the ventilation system.

Burned-out motor

This is one of the most common problems to affect a furnace under immense work stress. (It’s even more common if the furnace missed its regular maintenance appointment. Make sure yours has its annual maintenance check-up and tune-up through our maintenance plan.) Loss of lubrication on the motor’s moving parts, a build-up of dust and grime, or worn-down bearings may cause the motor to overheat and fuse the wiring in its housing. The blower fan will shut off, and you’ll need to have professionals replace the motor.

Limit switch problems

The limit switch is a sensor inside a furnace’s heat exchanger that measures when the air is hot enough to circulate into the ventilation system. It then activates the blower fan, and later turns the blower off when the temperature drops below a certain temperature. If the limit switch is faulty, it can mean a blower fan that won’t turn on at all—or one that won’t turn off! It’s important to have this fixed ASAP because the limit switch is also a safety precaution preventing the furnace from overheating.

Different symptoms you notice with a furnace can be traced to a range of causes. This is one of the reasons to rely only on HVAC professionals for heating repairs. We’re ready to help repair your furnace, no matter the problem.

Advanced Mechanical Services offers heating repair throughout the Tri-State Area.

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