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Heating Repair in April? If You Need It—Call for It!

hand-holding-wrenchDo you have a heating system that’s showing signs it isn’t working right, but you think it doesn’t make much sense to call for professional heating assistance in April? No matter the month, if you need heater repair in Garfield, NJ, never hesitate to call on a professional HVAC contractor to do the job. Look for a contractor who offers 24/7 emergency service so you can receive the response you need, fast!

Why bother with heating repairs so close to warm weather?

We can hear the objection: “My heating system is about to go on a long spring and summer hibernation. Is there much point in repairing some small problem when I soon won’t need the heater at all?”

The answer is yes. First, keep in mind that spring is a temperamental month when it comes to the weather, and that a sudden temperature drop is always possible. You may still need serious work from your heating system—and its reliability will be in question if it has some type of malfunction. What seems like a “small” issue may disguise a larger one that will cripple your furnace, heat pump, boiler or other comfort system.

There are a number of other important reasons to always have prompt heating repair aside from making sure the system doesn’t fail on you in April:

  • Prevent it from failing in fall: You’re planning ahead with your heating system when you have it repaired on time. If you allow the heater to enter the summer down-time with an issue, it increases the chance the heater won’t turn on and work right when you need it on the first cold day of fall. You don’t want to be stuck making emergency heating calls on that day—or worse, discovering you need a new heating system all together.
  • Give the heater a long lifespan: Speaking of needing a replacement system—the longer you allow a heater to run with a malfunction, the greater stress it will suffer. This can shorten the heater’s service life, and you’ll have to pay to replace it years earlier than you otherwise would.
  • Keep the heater running safely: This is especially important for gas furnaces (the most common type of heater) and gas boilers. Although these heaters are manufactured to high safety specifications, repair needs can put their safe operation at risk. To avoid dangers from carbon monoxide leaks and explosions, have any gas heater problem attended to ASAP.
  • Keep utility bills under control: The extra strain a malfunction puts on a heating system will also lead to steeper utility bills during the end of the season. If the problem is in the air handler for a forced-air system, these steeps costs will continue into the warm weather as well.

Allow our HVAC service technicians to help your heating and cooling

You’re probably ready to schedule your air conditioning maintenance for the coming summer. This is an ideal time to also ask for heating repair help from our technicians. They’ll pinpoint malfunctions in your heating system and have it fixed along with preparing the AC for another hot summer.

Advanced Mechanical Services offers heating repair and other vital comfort services throughout the Tri-State Area.

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