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Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

The holiday decorations are already up in the stores, and that means the cold weather of winter isn’t that far off. We hope you’re already preparing for the season, and we have some tips that will help make your home cozy and warm this winter, while also lowering those high heating bills. If you need any professional assistance with your household heating, be sure to give our team a call!

  • Schedule maintenance for the heating system: This is priority #1 for making sure your home is ready for another winter. Our technicians will give your furnace, boiler, heat pump, or other system a full check-up with all necessary adjustments. This will give it the best chance of making it through to spring without malfunctions or any drops in energy efficiency. (Check out our maintenance plan, which will also care for your air conditioning system in the spring.)
  • Seal up drafts: Air leaks in a home allow heat to escape and create unpleasant drafts. To stop them, have windows caulked and place weather-stripping around all outside doors. Make sure the attic has sufficient insulation, since this is one of the prime areas where heat gets out of a house.
  • Unblock heating vents: It’s easy for the room vents to become accidentally blocked with moved furniture and carpets. This not only keeps rooms from getting the proper warmth, it also forces the heater to work harder than normal and raise heating bills.
  • Use window coverings: The windows of a home are a major point where heat can get out. We recommend purchasing special window covers that easily attach and detach. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, using these covers can cut down on the amount of heat leaving a home by 50%!
  • Close the fireplace damper: If you have a fireplace to make the season more joyous, you don’t want to let it drag heat out of the house when it’s not in use. But that’s what will happen if the damper isn’t kept closed when there’s no fire in the hearth.

Advanced Mechanical Services serves Palisades Park, NJ and homes throughout the Tri-State Area. We have 24-hour emergency service available.

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