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Fall Heating Maintenance: How It Pays You Back

furnace-repair-technicianWhat type of heater do you use to keep your family cozy and safe through our winters in New Jersey? Gas furnaces are the most common, but homes in the area may also rely on electric furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, ductless systems, and in-floor radiant heaters.

No matter what heating system you have installed, take the time during the fall before the cold weather arrives to have it professionally inspected and tuned-up. This annual maintenance is vital for ensuring peak performance from your heater through the winter, with less chance of a break down. With gas-powered furnaces and boilers, maintenance helps keep a heater working safely.

How This Investment Pays for Itself

People are often hesitant about paying money upfront for maintenance service. Why pay when nothing seems wrong with the heater? But maintenance is a way to save money—and save money in numerous ways. Here are some of the ways enrolling in a maintenance plan for your heating system (as well as your air conditioning system) rewards you with savings:

  • Higher energy efficiency: A heating system has an efficiency rating that explains how well the heater converts its power source into thermal energy. Furnaces and boilers have a percentage rating called AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) and heat pumps have a ratio called HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor). When you have annual maintenance for your heater, it will maintain 95% of this efficiency rating for most of its service life. Without maintenance, you’ll soon be paying more to run the heater than you should.
  • Reduced repair needs: Having a furnace regularly inspected, cleaned, and tuned-up lowers the wear on its components and catches potential problems before they can become problems. This significantly lowers the amount of repairs the system needs. Around 85% of the repairs a heater may require during its lifetime can be prevented thanks to maintenance—and this adds up to a tremendous amount of money saved.
  • Few (if any) emergency calls: Trying to get a heating system that’s completely failed back up and working is a big job. It can be an expensive repair to restore the heater, if it even can be restored (see the next bullet point). Maintenance makes this event less likely, and you probably will never run into an emergency breakdown.
  • Long service life: Purchasing a central heating system for a house is a major investment. Like any investment, you want a good return on it, and in this case that means a long life from the heater. Maintenance gives the heater the best chance to live up to and even surpass its service life expectancy. Without maintenance, you’re taking a chance on a heater that fails early and needs to be replaced, which is pricey. Maintenance helps stretch your budget.

To find out more about the details of arranging for heating maintenance in Edgewater, NJ, contact us and ask about our regular maintenance plan. Our plan helps you save money in other ways, such as special discount prices on parts and services and no overtime charges. You’ll also receive priority scheduling and 24-hour emergency service.

Advanced Mechanical Services offers professional heating service throughout the Tri-State Area.

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