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ENERGY STAR and the Programmable Thermostat

In our last post, we provided tips for ways to prepare your home for another deep-chill winter in New Jersey. We’re going to focus today on a preparation you can make that will increase your comfort not only in winter, but all around the year. But more than improving comfort, it’s a way to cut down on energy bills: an ENERGY STAR-certified Programmable Thermostat.

energy-starI know what a programmable thermostat is, but what’s ENERGY STAR?

ENERGY STAR (yes, it’s in all-caps; we’re not shouting at you) is a program from the U.S. Department of Energy that helps customers find appliances and other products that conserve energy. An HVAC device that’s ENERGY STAR-approved is one that meets government requirements for the reduction of energy consumption and contains features that customers find beneficial. It’s easy to find an ENERGY STAR product: just look for the logo!

The power of the programmable thermostat

Now let’s turn back to that programmable thermostat, and the benefit of upgrading from a manual thermostat or an older, no-frills digital thermostat without ENERGY STAR certification.

A programmable thermostat with ENERGY STAR approval has at least four pre-programmed settings that allow you to control your home’s temperature around the year even when you’re asleep or not at home. By sticking with the four programmed setting (on-off for daytime, on-off for nighttime) adjusted to your family’s schedule, you’ll start to see significant energy savings right away. The heater and the air conditioner won’t ever be left running when they shouldn’t!

The ENERGY STAR program recommends that you have a professional install your new programmable thermostat so that you receive the full benefits from it. Your installer will help you work out programs that will maximize comfort and savings for the year. The thermostat will also come with a manual that provides further tips for the best way to program your comfort settings.

If you’re ready to leap to the next level in thermostat technology, call on Advanced Mechanical Services. We serve Palisades Park, NJ and throughout the Tri-State Area.

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