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Why Won’t My Heat Pump Switch to Heating Mode?

sun-and-snowflake-badgeTemperatures have fallen rapidly as the true cold of late fall sets in. That means that furnaces and other heating systems across the state are turning on for the first time in many months. Heat pumps have already been working for a long time, but in their cooling mode. All it takes to switch them over to heating mode is to make adjustments on their thermostats to set them for warmer temperatures.

But what if you adjust your thermostat to change your heat pump to heating mode… and nothing happens? Are you either still getting cooled air from the vents or the air feels like it’s room temperature? Then something is wrong. The problem could be a small one you can easily remedy on your own, or it could be a problem requiring heat pump repair in Paramus, NJ from HVAC professionals. Let’s look at some of the possibilities.

Clogged air filter

The air filter for a heat pump must be changed on regular basis whenever the system is runs regularly. If you haven’t changed the filter since the summer, it might be clogged up with debris. If this happens, insufficient air may enter the heat pump to be warmed, and the result will be lukewarm air from the vents. Change the filter if it is clogged and see if this makes a difference. (And remember to keep changing the filter every 1 to 3 months.)

Miscalibrated thermostat(s)

You may have adjusted the thermostat to the temperature you want, but the thermostat won’t actually turn the heat pump over to heating mode if it’s misreading the temperatures in your house. This is a common issue, but professionals can easily recalibrate the thermostat. If you have a zone control system for your house, the problem may originate with one or more of the local thermostats misreading temperatures and causing the heat pump to behave erratically. In some cases, you might need thermostat replacement.

Broken reversing valve

The reversing valve is the essential component that allows a heat pump to work as both a heating and cooling system. This valve changes which direction the refrigerant from the compressor moves after exiting the compressor, and this is what controls whether the heat pump brings heat into the home or removes it. Like any mechanical component, it can break and become stuck in one position, locking the heat pump into its current mode. You can’t fix this problem on your own: professionals will either fix the slider or solenoid in the valve or put in a new one.

A broken compressor

This is a worst-case scenario. If the heat pump is only delivering room temperature air and it won’t turn over to cooling mode either, you may have a stuck or burned-out compressor. You’ll need professionals on the problem. In many cases, this is a sign that the heat pump is at the end of its service life and needs to be replaced. Don’t hesitate on calling for help: if technicians come soon enough, they may be able to fix the compressor before it burns out.

We have 24/7 service available, so you can always depend on our technicians when you have heat pump repair needs.

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