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What Are the Benefits of Using a Ductless Mini-Split?

The ductless mini split heat pump has been around for a few decades, popular in many types of businesses. It’s only recently that ductless heating and cooling systems have made their way into homes. And they’ve proven that in many cases they’re excellent choices for home comfort.

But what about ductless mini splits is so wonderful? There are a number of reasons, and we’re going to go over a few:

High energy efficiency

Ductless mini splits consume less energy to run than standard heat pumps. This is for two different reasons: 1) They contain smaller motor parts than conventional heat pumps. 2) Without ducts, which gain and lose heat, a ductless system runs into fewer problems with efficiency.

Zone control heating and cooling

A ductless mini split runs through a series of wall-mounted air handlers placed in different rooms. Each air handler can be operated separately from the others, so only the ones in rooms that are occupied need to be running. This helps a home save energy, provides personalized comfort, and allows for a more even and comfortable distribution of heating and cooling.

Flexibility for construction and remodeling

If you are planning to build a new home or extensively remodel the interior of your current one, a ductless system offers you greater freedom to design just as you like. There’s no need to worry about where to place the ventilation system, because ductless mini split heat pumps don’t use a ventilation system.

Improved indoor air quality

Plenty of allergens and other pollutants that trigger asthma and allergies collect inside ductwork, and then blows out when the heating/cooling system comes on. Ductless mini split heat pumps send out cleaner air because they lack ducts.

We’re the people to contact if you want to know more about ductless mini splits or wish to schedule an installation for one. We work with the finest Mitsubishi brand ductless heating and cooling systems.

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