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Start Planning for the Rest of the Year With Commercial HVAC Maintenance

commercial-hvac-fans-in-rotationWhen is the first official day of fall? (Don’t worry if you have to check a calendar first, that’s why we have calendars in the first place.) This year, it’s September 22. That’s not far away, and although the colder weather doesn’t immediately set in after midnight on the 21st, now is the right time to start making plans for the change in seasons.

If you own and operate a business, we recommend you start making plans to care for the heating system necessary for climate control in your commercial building. The easiest way is to schedule annual commercial heating maintenance from HVAC professionals.

An Essential Fall Task

“How often should I schedule commercial heating maintenance?” is a question HVAC contractors often hear. The answer varies depending on the facility, but at the minimum heating system maintenance must be performed once a year. Lack of regular service raises the chance of a system failure during the winter. Technicians clean and adjust the equipment to remove the strain often responsible for breakdowns. They also inspect the heating system to pinpoint repair issues.

Fall is the recommended time for these routine inspections and adjustments because it’s better to attend to potential issues in equipment right before the period when the equipment sees the most use. A fall appointment also allows enough time to arrange for any necessary repairs.

Heating Maintenance Benefits You in Multiple Ways

We can stress the importance of fall maintenance in preventing heating disasters during the winter. But we’d also like to stress its general benefits:

  • Lower operating costs – You never want to pay higher expenses than necessary to run your business. Additional costs take away from places where you want or need to focus the budget. Regular maintenance for your HVAC equipment lowers the costs to run it—especially during the winter, when cold weather makes it necessary to have heaters running through most of the working day/night. You can expect rising HVAC bills if you allow maintenance to slide.
  • Fewer work interruptions – A heating system failure can bring work to a halt. But what about smaller interruptions due to equipment that’s faulty or inconsistent? Maintenance helps make heating systems reliable, with few problems large or small.
  • Technicians who know your equipment – Here’s a benefit people often don’t think about. When you work routinely with the same contractor, the contractor knows your equipment better. This makes it easier for technicians to handle other services during the year and to help with eventual replacements.
  • Planned replacements – Speaking of replacements, maintenance gives you an early warning of when you need new heating systems installed. Instead of waiting for a rooftop unit to break down, you’ll know to have it replaced months early so you can plan for the job and limit workflow disruptions.

We’re the Clifton, NJ, HVAC contractor who can take care of your commercial heating maintenance, as well as all other future HVAC maintenance services. Our technicians are NATE-certified and focused on ensuring you receive complete satisfaction no matter the job.

For service throughout the Tri-State Area, look to Advanced Mechanical Services. We offer 100% customer satisfaction.

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