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Furnace Filters and Air Quality Filters: There’s a Difference!

Monday, November 26th, 2018

pleated-air-filterProtecting and improving the quality of the air inside your home is an important part of comfort and health. It’s almost as important as caring for the furnace keeping you warm in winter.

But often people assume their homes have a decent defense against unwanted particles circulating through the ventilation system because they have a furnace filter. But this is a misunderstanding about what the furnace filter (or filter for another forced-air system, such as a heat pump) actually does. If your home is suffering from low indoor air quality that’s making your winter unpleasant, you’ll need different types of filters or other IAQ products.

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How Your Air Quality May Suffer This Winter

Monday, October 15th, 2018

smoking-chimney-in-winterWe’re busy now helping local homeowners prepare for the coming winter weather. A large part of this job is doing routine maintenance on furnaces and other heating systems. It’s the essential step to ensure a home has a steady heat supply without unwieldy bills—and that the heating system works for many winters to come.

But there’s another part of winter comfort that isn’t connected to indoor temperatures. It’s the quality of the air inside the house. Unfortunately, winter can bring with it stuffy and pollutant-filled air, and you may need the assistance of our indoor air quality specialists to help you prepare for a healthier season.

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You May Need HVAC Contractors to Seal Your Ducts

Monday, February 5th, 2018

duct-sealing-with-caulkingWhen people think about their HVAC systems, they usually focus on the letters “AC” (air conditioning) and “H” (heating). This makes sense: comfort in hot and cold weather is vital during the year. But we recommend our customer give some thought to the letter “V”—ventilation—as well. A poor ventilation system that allows air to escape through leaks can do serious harm to a household’s heating, cooling, and budget.

Fixing leaky ventilation ducts is a job for HVAC professional with the training and equipment to get the work done in full. We’re a top HVAC contractor for Paramus, NJ and throughout the Tri-State area, and you can trust to us to restore your ventilation system with duct sealing. When we’re done, all the letters in H-V-A-C will put in their best work for your home.

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