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It’s Time to Prepare Your AC for Hotter Weather

Air-conditioner-repairmanThe temperatures in New Jersey are revving up for the eventual summer—although we can still expect a few surprises here and there during April and May. Nevertheless, this is the right time to see that the household cooling system is ready for yet another hot and humid middle of the year. There are steps you can take on your own to help with air conditioning preparation. Others will require the assistance of our HVAC professionals. Let us help you handle your air conditioning service in Paramus, NJ and the surrounding areas.

Take care of changing the filter first

This is a basic maintenance step for both heating and air conditioning systems. We hope you changed the filter at least once during the winter. If you haven’t, now is absolutely the right time to do it. This way your air conditioner will get off to a clean start without having to strain to draw air into the blower whenever it turns on. We’ve written instructions before for changing the air filter; review them and have a new filter in place.

Unblock room vents

You may have accidentally covered up one or more of the room vents in your house during the winter. Moved furniture, shifted carpet, a relative who thought shuttering a vent would help with comfort (it doesn’t). Anyway, make a tour of the rooms and check to see no vent is blocked; this will help the AC perform its job and can prevent coil freeze.

Clear away debris from the outdoor condenser cabinet

The condenser cabinet of the air conditioner outside the house may have picked up leaves, sticks, and dirt over the winter. (We recommend securing a cover over it during the off-seasons.) To help the condenser work effectively at expelling heat with the condenser coil and fan, clean the unit of excess debris and check that no plants have grown close to it (i.e. within a foot).

Schedule professional air conditioning maintenance

This is the essential step when it comes to caring for an air conditioner. Regular maintenance helps in four vital ways:

  • It protects the system from malfunctions, reducing the chance you may have to call for repairs over the summer.
  • It lowers the chance of a complete system breakdown, leaving you trapped in a hot house until our repair technicians can reach you. (We do have 24-hour emergency service in this case!)
  • It maintains the energy efficiency of the system so you won’t pay more for your regular cooling than you should.
  • It extends equipment life for long-term savings. You won’t need to replace the system for many years.

But a replacement may also be necessary

Yes, we have to bring this up: it’s one of the air conditioning preparation steps you’ll need to take at some point. If your AC is more than 15 years old, we recommend putting in a new one. Talk to our maintenance technicians during their visit and find out what’s the best path forward when it comes to your aging air conditioner.

Advanced Mechanical Services is here to help with all your air conditioning needs in Paramus and throughout the Tri-State Area.

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