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Is a Packaged HVAC Unit Good for a New Air Conditioner?

question-markThe type of air conditioning system that you’re probably the most familiar with is what’s known as a split system. There’s an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor condenser holds the compressor and exhaust fan, and it connects through power and refrigerant lines to an indoor unit that holds the evaporator coils and the air handler which sends the cooled air into the ventilation system.

This isn’t the only type of configuration for an air conditioner, however. The packaged unit is the kind used for most businesses. Essentially, all the components are housed in one cabinet that is placed outside. But since most homes use split systems, does that mean a packaged unit isn’t effective for a home AC?

Not at all! For some homes, packaged HVAC units may be a great alternative to split systems with excellent benefits.

Conserving Space Indoors

The big reason some homeowners may prefer a packaged unit to split system is because there isn’t enough room inside to house the large air handler and evaporator. The way a packaged system runs is that it connects from outside directly into the ventilation system, rather than connecting to the ventilation system from the inside unit. The packaged system draws air through return air ducts outside to the unit, cools it, and then blows it back through ductwork into the house and ventilation system. The only indoor parts necessary are the ducts.

Heat Pump Capability

Most packaged HVAC units aren’t just air conditioners. They’re heat pumps—and that means they take care of both heating and cooling for a house. If you’ve considered making the switch to a heat pump, you may want to add “packaged heat pump” to your list.

Easier Service and Repairs

One of the reasons that packaged units are so popular with commercial spaces is because they can be repaired and serviced without having to create any inconveniences indoors. The technicians take all their equipment straight to the roof or wherever the HVAC units are placed. This same benefit applies to homes as well. It’s easy for HVAC repair people to take care of fixing your AC from outdoors. And regular maintenance is even easier. The technician only has one place to visit to take care of all the steps necessary for an inspection and tune-up.

Less Noise Inside

Another reason businesses like packaged units is that they reduce the amount of noise inside the space—all the motors for the compressor and fans are outside. If you’re thinking, “Does that mean a quieter home as well?” then you’re thinking right. If you’re tired of the noise of an HVAC system, a packaged system is the quickest way to solve this problem.

Going with a packaged HVAC system is not always the best home AC installation in Paramus, NJ. Split systems are still effective ways to enjoy household cooling—so make sure you have the best experts on your side to help you make the best choice for your indoor comfort.

Talk to us to learn more about packaged units: Advanced Mechanical Services offers AC installations and other comfort services throughout the Tri-State Area.

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