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It’s Time to Change the Air Filter: Here’s How

As summer ends and we move into the fall, you’ll need to make a few changes around your home to prepare for the cooler weather that will arrive in the approaching months. One important job to take care of is changing the air filter in your HVAC system. This filter protects the interior of the air conditioner and the furnace from dust and debris that comes through the return air ducts. Over the summer, the filter will gradually become congested, and this will reduce airflow through the system. If you keep the HVAC system running with a clogged filter, you can expect poorer performance from your AC/heater and higher bills.

How to Find and Change the Air Filter

Changing the air filter isn’t a difficult task. The trickiest part is actually locating where the filter is, since the spot changes from system to system.

The first place to look is on the indoor cabinet of the HVAC system. Look for the return air duct that brings air from the interior of your home into the cabinet. Find that place where the air duct connects to the cabinet. In many cases, the filter is located in a slot at this point. The duct can connect to the cabinet at various points, but it most commonly connects near where the blower fan is located.

If you cannot find the filter in this spot, then look for the return air vent inside your house. Detach the grill over it and you may find the filter located behind it. If you still can’t find the filter, then you should contact specialists for help.

Changing and/or Cleaning the Filter

If your HVAC system uses temporary filters (which are more powerful than permanent ones), all you have to do is slide the filter from its slot and put the new one in its place. Write with a marker on the edge the date you replaced it, so you’ll always know how long has passed since the last change.

If your system has a permanent filter, you must remove it and clean it gently with a garden hose. Leave the filter to air-dry outside, and do not replace it until it is fully dry. (A damp filter can develop mold and mildew.)

If you need assistance with your air conditioning system in Ramsey, NJ, call on Advanced Mechanical Services.

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