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Is a Ductless Mini Split a Good Choice for My Home?

ductless-mini-splitThe ductless mini split air conditioning system isn’t a recent invention—but it’s only now that it’s making inroads into residential homes and making a big difference in how people enjoy cooling. You may have considered if a ductless mini split makes sense for your house. It’s true they aren’t right for every home and every situation. But with the right house, they offer enormous benefits that make them superior to standard split system air conditioners.

The easiest way to find out if a ductless AC in Edgewater, NJ, matches your needs is to speak with our experts. To get you started thinking about the ductless possibilities, we’ve listed a few questions below that can give you an idea of when going ductless might be the best option.

Are you relying on window AC units?

Because many houses in the area were constructed before central heating and air became common, they don’t have any ducts to allow for easy air conditioning in the rooms. The only way to enjoy cooling for these homes is to use window air conditioners. If this is the only way that you’ve cooled your house, going ductless is the alternative you’ve waited for. Ductless systems deliver cool straight into the rooms the way window units do, but they don’t have to block up a window. They also have superior energy efficiency and work from a single outdoor unit.

Are you considering a heating replacement this year as well?

Here’s something important to keep in mind about ductless mini split systems: they’re a type of heat pump. As with other heat pumps, they can change the direction they operate so instead of moving heat out of the house, they bring heat into the house—a two-in-one solution for comfort around the year. If you plan to have a new heating system installed in this year as well as a cooling system, a ductless mini split can take care of both.

Are you planning to do home remodeling?

Remodeling a house can mean interfering with the ductwork system or trying to work around it. If you decide to make a ductless mini split system a part of your remodeling, you’ll have greater freedom to make changes because the ducts won’t matter anymore. Tear them out and use the extra space!

Do you have trouble cooling parts of the house?

Uneven cooling from central air conditioners is a common trouble. A ductless system can change that because you can have individual cooling units set up in the hot spot areas (no need to use a window AC). You can also provide cooling for places in the house that normally don’t receive it, like the garage or attic, to allow you to make these spaces more useful.

Do allergy and asthma sufferers live in your home?

A ductless mini split system cuts down on the concentration of allergens in a home’s air. Without any ducts collecting dust, dander, lint, etc., you can enjoy fresher and more healthful air—and it will make the biggest difference for people who have allergies and asthma.

Call us for more information regarding ductless heating and cooling. Advanced Mechanical Services offers service throughout the Tri-State Area.

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