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Don’t Miss Your Commercial HVAC Pre-Summer Tune-Up!

covered-commercial-hvac-fansWe’re both a residential and commercial HVAC contractor for the area. We care about our many commercial clients the same way we care about the homes and families we service. That means we want you to enjoy the best possible comfort and climate control for your commercial space. Whatever your business needs when it comes to commercial HVAC in Bergenfield, NJ or elsewhere in the Tri-State area, you can rely on us.

Right now, the big concern for commercial HVAC is getting that all-important tune-up done before the summer heat arrives.

What Goes into a Commercial HVAC Tune-Up?

A lot, actually. That’s why you only want experienced commercial professionals to do this work. They know all that has to be covered during maintenance for the HVAC system of a commercial building. Although commercial air conditioning equipment works on similar principles to home air conditioning systems (they both use the circulation of refrigerant), the size of commercial systems and the fine balancing necessary for them to work right at cooling a large space requires specialists to keep them operating at high efficiency.

Your business probably uses packaged rooftop units for cooling during the summer. These units house all their components inside cabinets on the top of the building, rather than splitting components between indoor and outdoor units, which is what you see for most residential systems. During maintenance, technicians inspect all the parts of rooftop cabinets to check on electrical parts, tighten loose wires, lubricate the motors, provide a deep cleaning to ensure the best possible performance, make changes on the filters, measure the refrigerant pressure to see if there are any system leaks, and do a close inspection to pinpoint any potential repair issues.

If the technicians should find problems, sometimes they can fix them on the spot as part of maintenance. Otherwise, they’ll notify you of the issue so you can have repairs done before the summer heat arrives—and the problem becomes more urgent. The technicians will also check on your indoor thermostats to ensure they are functioning properly and sensing the correct temperatures.

Why a Pre-Summer Tune-Up Is Beneficial

There are many major benefits for keeping up with commercial HVAC maintenance each spring. The biggest is that it protects your business from a sudden cooling system breakdown. Loss of your cooling during a hot day (and it’s always hot days when an AC gives out) will mean employees who are unable to work efficiently, customers who will go elsewhere, and unhappy clients and tenants.

Maintenance provides important long-term benefits as well. Your HVAC system will operate at the lowest possible cost and not suffer from drops in energy efficiency because of dust, dirt, and wear and tear. Routine maintenance will give the system a longer service life, so you won’t have to cut deep into your budget to purchase a new system years before it’s time. You can expect far fewer repair needs as well: around 85% less than if you didn’t have maintenance at all.

Arrange for your HVAC tune-up this spring by signing up for our maintenance plan.

Advanced Mechanical Services offers commercial HVAC service throughout the Tri-State Area.

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