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What Can Go Wrong with a Clogged HVAC Filter

air-fliter-cuWe make an effort to remind our customers to change the air filter for their HVAC system on a regular basis throughout the year. It’s especially important during the summer, when the AC blower fan does a large amount of labor to circulate cool air around a house. The blower fan draws air through the return ducts, and the dust, lint, hair, and other debris in this air is trapped in the filter to prevent it from causing damage to the interior of the HVAC system. It only takes a few months, sometimes only one, to lead to a fully clogged filter that must be changed for a clean one.

Clogged Filter Troubles

What sort of trouble might you expect if you haven’t yet changed your air filter during the summer? Below are some examples of problems that may lead to needing to schedule air conditioning repairs in Paramus, NJ or elsewhere in our service area.

Low airflow

If the blower fan is having a harder time drawing sufficient air through the filter because of debris trapped in the mesh, it will create a decline in the air pressure throughout the ventilation system. This means a drop in the airflow coming from the vents around the house, which has a huge impact on comfort levels. Check on the filter if you start to notice hot spots in rooms in the house because of lessened airflow.

Higher utility bills

The extra strain placed on the blower fan motor because of obstructions in the filter will force the motor to work unnecessarily harder. Keeping a clean filter in the HVAC system is one of the easy ways to keep from paying too much on your monthly utility bills.

Ice on the evaporator coil

You should never see ice anywhere on your air conditioning system. If it does develop, it usually appears on the indoor evaporator coil, and a congested air filter is a common reason for this occurring. Because insufficient amounts of warm air are moving over the coil, the cold refrigerant in the coil won’t warm up, and the low temperatures will start the process of freezing moisture along the coil’s surface.

Damage to internal components

The point of the filter is to prevent debris from hurting parts inside the AC. But if the filter is clogged, it will start to fail at its job. The pressure on the congested filter will distort it and allow particles to slip around the edges. In extreme cases, a pleated air filter might collapse and fall into the blower fan, creating serious damage.

Keeping Up with Filter Changes Is Easy

If you’re unfamiliar with how to change your air filter, we’ve provided a basic guide on how to do it. Most filters need to be changed every 1–3 months. If you’ve forgotten to change the filter so far this summer, it almost certainly needs to be changed now! If there are any air conditioning problems due to a clogged filter that continue after you’ve put in the fresh filter, call our repair team to take a look.

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