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My Air Conditioning System Isn’t Cooling Enough

flushed-man-feels-hot-in-front-of-manWhen the temperature heats up in the summer, you want to know you can trust your air conditioner to do the job it was built for. If you set the thermostat to a comfortable level (we recommend keeping it around 78°F during the day), you should expect the air conditioner to keep up with the heat and maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the house.

But what if your AC has trouble this summer? It could happen, and there are a number of reasons—most of which you can have solved with Livingston, NJ air conditioning repair from our professionals.

The AC is not sized properly

This, unfortunately, is an air conditioner problem that repairs can’t fix. If amateurs or inexperienced technicians installed your air conditioning system in the first place, there’s a good chance they didn’t size it properly; i.e. didn’t match its cooling output with the size and general cooling needs of your house. If you have a new AC and it isn’t keeping you cool enough, bad sizing is the likely cause. Call for our experts to put in an air conditioner that’s accurately sized through a professional heat load calculation.

The air filter is clogged

Here’s the opposite type of problem—one you can solve on your own. When you notice the AC struggling with cooling power, check the air filter of the HVAC cabinet. If the filter is clogged with debris and dust, change it out for a new one and see if this fixes the trouble. Keep up with regular filter changes every 1 to 3 months during the hot weather.

The AC is losing refrigerant to a leak

An air conditioner uses the circulation of a set charge of refrigerant to cool down a house. This refrigerant level won’t drop under normal use. But leaks along the refrigerant lines or at connection points can lead to a decline in the charge—and that will mean less cooling power. A refrigerant leak will eventually cause serious damage to the compressor, so make sure professionals seal the leaks and accurately recharge the refrigerant to factory levels.

The coil is covered with grime, ice, or mold

The evaporator coil is the point in the AC where refrigerant draws heat from the air. If it has dirt, mold, or ice along with it, it won’t work. Only trained technicians can clean off the coil, so don’t attempt to get in there yourself to scrape off the ice or other obstructions.

The outdoor fan is broken

Check the outside cabinet to listen for the working of the fan. If this fan has stopped working because of a broken motor, the air conditioner will not be able to effectively exhaust heat from the house to the outside.

There are leaks in the ductwork

The problem with your home cooling may be located in the ducts rather than the air conditioner itself. If you’ve noticed cooling issues are limited to individual rooms, it may be caused by cooled air escaping through leaks in the ducts leading to the room vents. Air leaks not only affect comfort, they raise utility bills. Let HVAC pros seal up the ducts to repair the issue. (No, you can’t use duct tape!)

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