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Some Considerations with Zone Control Systems

Monday, August 21st, 2017

hot-cold-house-iconsYou may have heard about advances in climate control for homes that allow for the division of the house into a series of “zones,” with each zone having its own thermostat and climate adjustments. The standard form for central heating and air conditioning is an “all-or-nothing” system where heated or cooled air travels through the ducts of an HVAC system to every room vent, regardless of whether the room is occupied or needs conditioned air. Using a zone control systems, this no longer needs to be the case. Instead, each room only receives the level of climate control that matches its needs.

Installing zone control systems for homes is becoming increasingly popular. However, there are some considerations to think about if you’re debating on zone control as a way to lower your comfort costs or create more even distribution of heating and cooling around your household.

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No, You Don’t Need to Regularly Put More Refrigerant in Your AC

Monday, August 7th, 2017

question-markThis is a misunderstanding we often run into with customers: the idea that the refrigerant that circulates through an air conditioning system must be regularly “refueled.” (The actual correct term is “recharged,” because, as we’ll discuss below, refrigerant isn’t a fuel.) The truth is that as long as your central air conditioner doesn’t have leaks along the refrigerant line or at any of connection points, it should never need to have any more refrigerant added to it. The amount of refrigerant in it when it’s installed should work for the rest of the system’s service life.

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