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Believe the Groundhog or Not, Make Sure Your Heater Is Ready for More Cold!

Monday, February 6th, 2017

girl-welcomes-winter-and-springIt’s that time of year, the first week in February, when here on the East Coast we observe the unusual tradition of asking what a large ground mammal thinks about the near future weather conditions. There are a number of Groundhog Day prophets, most famously Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck. We live much closer to Chuck, so we’re quite happy to hear that he predicted an early spring! (Phil disagrees on this one. Go, Chuck!)

Seriously, however, no matter what groundhogs may say, you have to make sure your home heating system is prepared for any sort of heavy chill during the next six weeks before a spring thaw arrives. Here are some steps to take for extra winter preparation precaution.

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